Conferences at Jeu de Paume 2021-2022

Lecture Series at the Jeu de Paume Art Museum 2021-2022

G. Chatonsky, Ornament for anonymous surface © 2021

Aesthetics in the Age of the Pixel

The digital “revolution” seems not to have borne out the numerous prophesies heralding the end of an era — the era of cinema as it has been traditionally understood. “The” cinema is, in fact, still alive and well, having fully incorporated the new possibilities offered by the transformation of the medium (for example, the very long take). Until 2020, we have continued to go see films, both fiction and documentaries, which were meant to be seen by an audience of spectators sitting in front of a screen (be it in movie theaters or at home).

The pixel, thus, has not singlehandedly turned the economy and the aesthetics of film on its head. It is undeniable, however, that it has facilitated, to say the very least, exchanges between industrial and artistic cinematic works and products from other domains, such as advertising, music videos, and contemporary art, for example. The styles, the means of exhibition or presentation to audiences, the intentions, and even the very material itself which the constitutes images have been expanded and renewed in light of this.

This series of events (lectures and screenings) aims to reflect upon this on going transformation, both in of itself, and insofar as it leads us to rethink elements of the project of aesthetics as applied to film (to the oeuvre of “cinema”). By aesthetics, we refer to its most useful definition: it is neither solely the domain of judgments of artistic value, nor of expressions of taste (of a person or of a social context); it is an enterprise of knowledge, which takes sensation as its starting point in order to better understand that which an image offers, invents, promises, and carries out.

The lectures will be accompanied by the projection of one or more works of moving images (from the domain of cinema or from other domains), and will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

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